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Introduction to SHEFit Physical Therapy

Welcome to SHEFit Physical Therapy! I started SHEFit PT because I had become disillusioned with the traditional insurance-driven model for physical therapy, and I wanted the freedom to offer my clients my undivided attention, along with a higher level of personalized care that just isn’t possible in most clinics today. As a women’s health (pelvic floor) specialist, I deal with some very sensitive issues

Hand or Wrist Pain? Here are a few tips.

The incredible complexity and dexterity of our hands allows us to accomplish delicate tasks with a precision we often take for granted. Pain severely limits our ability to do everyday things, yet we continue to do them because, well, we have to!
Click above to watch a video with a few quick fixes for hand and wrist pain, then read below for a little more detail on the common conditions women face and how to combat them.

Pain In The Butt?

Pain in the buttock can indicate many things, from arthritis to a herniated disc. Determining the source of your discomfort is essential before tackling the solution. Read about a few of the most common causes below, then watch my video for some exercises to try!

Is your Treadmill Ripping You Off?

We haven’t gotten many April Showers so far, so I hope everyone is doing their walking and jogging in the beautiful San Diego Sun! For those who prefer the treadmill rain or shine, it is vital to recognize that treadmill walking and running may be missing something that hitting the pavement provides.

Postpartum Day 11: Upper Body and Walking Tips

My 11th Day postpartum I went for another long walk and started some arm strengthening. You’ll need some free weights for these exercises, but if you don’t have any just grab some full 16 oz water bottles, cans of soup, etc for resistance. You’ll want to start with lighter weights than you may be used to – especially if you had a C-section (you should not be lifting more than about 10lbs)! Please join me in toning those arms and preventing shoulder injuries from carrying all that heavy baby equipment!