Introduction to SHEFit Physical Therapy

Welcome to SHEFit Physical Therapy! I started SHEFit PT because I had become disillusioned with the traditional insurance-driven model for physical therapy, and I wanted the freedom to offer my clients my undivided attention, along with a higher level of personalized care that just isn't possible in most clinics today. As a women's health (pelvic floor) specialist, I deal with some very sensitive issues

Hand or Wrist Pain? Here are a few tips.

The incredible complexity and dexterity of our hands allows us to accomplish delicate tasks with a precision we often take for granted. Pain severely limits our ability to do everyday things, yet we continue to do them because, well, we have to! Click above to watch a video with a few quick fixes for hand and wrist pain, then read below for a little more detail on the common conditions women face and how to combat them.

Pain In The Butt?

Pain in the buttock can indicate many things, from arthritis to a herniated disc. Determining the source of your discomfort is essential before tackling the solution. Read about a few of the most common causes below, then watch my video for some exercises to try!