Tips for Moms Who Run – Part 1

One of the only free forms of exercise you can do WITH your baby is run. This combined with the fact that you can get your heart rate up and get a great sweat in under 30 minutes, and the reality that most new moms are craving ways to get back in shape, makes running a very popular pastime for new mommas.

I get it, because I’m a runner too. I run 3-6 days a week with my little one, and started jogging just shy of my 6 week check up because I was just dying to feel like ME again.

As a pelvic health and postpartum specialist, I know the risks involved in running too early postpartum, or running before you have properly rehabilitated your core (you can check out this post for more on that). But once you do decide to run, there are a few things to keep your mind on that will help you not only get the most out of your run, but prevent injuring yourself and your pelvic floor.

What should you be focused on while you run? Should you be engaging your core the whole time? Should you be “kegeling” with every step? Watch my first 1 minute video tip for moms who run to find out.

I hope you enjoy it, and stay tuned for more to come!

Dr. Sheri DeSchaaf, DPT

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