Tips for Moms who Run – Part 2

Running with a Stroller

Most running mamas are doing so 90% of the time with a stroller. Running is a fantastic option for moms, since it is nearly the only thing you can do for free, with the kiddos in tow. Pushing the stroller can, however, throw off your posture and your stride. Watch the video and read on for a few quick tips on pushing your stroller effectively.

  1. Posture! Are you bearing down hard with both hands on the stroller handle, sending your shoulders forward and up into your ears? This is hard on the muscles in your neck and shoulders, and may actually give you less forward propulsion. Bring your shoulder blades down and back, and push the handle FORWARD with a light touch instead of bearing down.

Bonus tip: Handle height. If you have a jogging stroller with adjustable height, be sure the handle is set high enough so you don’t have to hunch forward to comfortably push.

  1. Arm swing. Normal running mechanics require some degree of trunk rotation and arm swing. When you grip your handlebar with 2 hands, you prevent both these motions, which not only lessens the benefit for core strengthening, but creates stiffness in the upper body and excess demand on the lower spine and pelvis, increasing your risk of injury. Push gently with one arm at a time, allowing the other arm to swing naturally. Switch arms every 5-10 paces.

Single-arm pushing can be really tough with a double stroller and 2 kiddos! Stay tuned for the next tip on strengthening the upper body for double-trouble!

Yours in good health,

Dr. Sheri DeSchaaf, DPT

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